VIRAL: The Karen Davila, Alma Moreno interview

Social media really has the power to make or break a person, a celebrity or a politician.

In the latest buzz in social media, Actress turned politician Alma Moreno became it’s newest delight. The video of her interview with Karen Davila has been making rounds in social media and have ignited discussions, disgust and insult from many netizens. The interview which aimed at knowing Ms. Alma Moreno more as a Senatorial candidate turned out to be a mocking material detrimental for her win as she comes out “clueless” about important political issues.

Many have said fame and popularity are not enough credentials to aspire for one of the highest positions in the land, that she must have studied social issues or at least basic knowledge of national issues first before entering or going for a higher post. Alma is currently a councilor in Paranaque City.

Asked by Karen Davila about important measures like the RH Law, Alma Moreno appeared clueless about what the law is really all about. She even joked that one of the way to control unwanted pregnancies is to have the lights at home always open.

The interview has been viewed 153,680 times already as of posting and was shared on Facebook more that 23 thousand times.

WATCH: Here’s the viral controversial video of Alma Moreno on Karen Davila’s Headstart.


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