Pinoy celebrities and their politics

The coming Philippine elections in 2016 is really heating up.

Aside from the side by side and back to back propaganda, gimmicks and infomercials from different aspirants, opinionated celebrities joined the fray in making the coming elections one of the most heated and most contentious one.

While only a few were open with their political preferences then, many are now coming up especially with the inclusion of Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte in the picture.

Duterte finally announced his intention to run followed by the filling of his Certificate of Candidacy for President after the Senate Electoral Tribunal ruled in favor of Sen. Grace Poe. (Read: LOOK: Duterte files COC for President)

While his candidacy still hangs because of the errors in Martin Diños (the candidate Duterte will substitute) COC, many of his supporters especially celebrities have already spoken about their stand. But it wasn’t welcomed with open arms entirely as some celebrities also stand-up in opposition of Digong’s candidacy. It’s been a viral trend in social, the tirades of Mocha against Mar Roxas’ supporter Jim Paredes and another Duterte opposer Gab Valenciano.

Mocha has made a round in social media after several controversial post on Duterte. A self-confessed Duterte supporter. Mocha didn’t minced a word in countering anti-Duterte sentiments. May it be Jim Paredes, or the most recent Gab Valenciano, Mocha is ablaze in defending Duterte.

Aside from Mocha, Ramon Bautista also figured in social media trend as netizens shared mixed reactions on his endorsement of LP presidential bet Mar Roxas.

Netizens questioned Bautista for his stand after making fun of Roxas in one of the episodes of his TV show. Countering negative netizentiments, Bautista stand firm on his choice of Roxas as his presidential candidate in the 2016 Philippine elections.

Here are other celebrities who came out in public revealing their stand in the coming 2016 Philippine elections.

Kitchie Nadal (Read: Kitchie Nadal weighs in on Duterte’s womanizing)

Kitchie Nadal duterte

Gab Valenciano

Chito Miranda


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