Mar Roxas retreats, ask Duterte to level up the discourse

After engaging in a word tussle with another presidential aspirant and Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, LP bet Mar Roxas changed course as he asked the former friend to level up their discourse.

Liberal Party presidential candidate Mar Roxas on Wednesday December 16 finally ends the word war against Mayor Duterte and asked the latter to engage more on issue based discussions rather than personality bashing.

On his official Facebook page, Roxas posted “Ang lider ng ating bansa ay dapat maging tagapagsulong ng magagandang asal na nasa ating kultura at pagkatao bilang isang bansa. Kaya, lahat itong mga usapin na ito – barilan, suntukan – balewala. Isyu ang pag-usapan natin.”

Roxas and Duterte were engaged in a word war last week which resulted to slapping threats from each other. The challenge came after Roxas in one of his statements debunked Davao City’s Safest City Status as a myth.

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Meanwhile, in retaliation Duterte said Roxas Wharton Graduate claims is also a myth because he was only a mear graduate University of Pennsylvania with the degree in Economics.

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The tussle between the two candidates didn’t sit well with netizens and other prominent political figures saying the two has gone too low with their discourse. Former president Fidel Ramos even advised the two to act like a president, adding our people needs world class president.

Roxas seemed heading that advise thus issuing the statement today about asking Duterte to stop the mud slinging and focus on platforms and issues.


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