Steve Harvey owns up mistake, apologizes to Colombia and Philippines

After mistakenly announcing Miss Colombia as the winner of Miss Universe 2015, host-comedian Steve Harvey owned up to his mistake and apologized to Misses Colombia and Philippines.

In a series of tweets, Harvey admitted his mistake in calling Miss Colombia as the winner instead of Miss Philippines. He said it was an honest mistake and he wholeheartedly apologized to the two girls for the gaffe.

Aside from the ladies the Miss Universe 2015 host also asked apology to families, supporters and all the viewers who got disappointed with his wrong announcement.

The finals night of the Miss Universe 2015 became the most controversial ever in recent history. In announcing the winner, host Steve Harvey called Miss Colombia as the new Miss Universe 2015. Feeling ecstatic Ariadna Gutierrez immediately jump in joy as she made history of giving her country a back to back win following Paulina Vega.

But a couple of minutes after, Harvey went back stage holding the Miss Universe elimination card containing the winners with the Philippines being the rightful winner. Harvey apologizes in front of the audience for what he said was an “honest human mistake”. The production team also immediately shown in the led screens the card containing the list of winners.

miss universe2015 winners card

While many netizens blamed Harvey for the anticlimactic turn out of the announcement, others also praised him for his honesty to own up and correct the mistake even though he knew he will be bashed.

The Miss Universe organizers through their official twitter account has also apologized for the lapses in their live show. MUO said it was an unfortunate circumstance and that they were sincerely sorry for what has happened.

miss universe apology


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