Honor Thy Father producer speaks up on film’s disqualification

The producer of Honor Thy Father have spoken regarding the film’s disqualification in the Best Picture category of Metro Manila Film Festival 2015 Awards night.

In a statement posted on the the film’s IG and Facebook accounts, Reality Entertainment CEO Dondon Monteverde, refuted MMFF organizing committee’s claim that the producer of Honor Thy Father failed to disclose the film’s participation in the Cinema One Originals Festival 2015.

MMDA Chairman Emerson Carlos who also heads the 2015 MMFF organizing committee earlier sent a letter to Reality Entertainment informing them the disqualification of Honor Thy Father in the award’s Best Picture Category. The disqualification was based on the non-disclosure of the films participation in the 2015 Cinema One Originals Film Festival as the opening film.

Dondon Monteverde on his statement denied MMFF’s allegation, saying they have properly informed the committee that Honor Thy Father was shown in Cinema One.

Let me refute this allegation of non-disclosure. If you will recall, Honor Thy Father was a late addition to the MMFF 2015 lineup. It had been rejected by their selection committee when the lineup was announced in June. On October 23 our film was officially offered a slot after an entry pulled out. By then we had already accepted CinemaOne’s invitation to screen as Opening Film. We informed the MMFF Secretariat, both by email and by phone, about this. We complied with their request for a letter from CinemaOne head Ronald Arguelles attesting that the screening was non-revenue generating and by invitation only. We have all of this on record said Monteverde.

Monteverde also questioned the timing of the decision, with only one day before the awards night. He also blasted MMFF’s lack of due process in coming up with the decision to disqualify their film. In the end he asked every one to demand answers and to do something about it what seemed to be another MMFF scandal.

Here’s the complete statement of Dondon Monteverde, Reality Entertainment CEO regarding the disqualification of Honor Thy Father in the 2015 MMFF’s Best Picture category.

honor thy father statement


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