Erik Matti blasts MMFF 2015 organizers

MMFF 2015’s Best Director Erik Matti snubbed the awards night Sunday and instead sent a representative to accept his award.

Matti’s no show was taken as his protest action regarding MMFF’s disqualification of his film Honor Thy Father in the Best Picture category.

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Shiel Calde took the award on his behalf and read his acceptance speech on a text message.

Mattie said his disappointment with MMFF 2015 was so deep. He added, as a die-hard movie fan he can now barely recognize the film festival that he once admired and respected.

With the controversy of Honor Thy Father’s disqualification, he even thanked the MMFF for the free publicity it gets and for opening the doors for reformes in MMFF and its selection process.

Here’s the text message read by Calde in accepting Matti’s Best Director award.

“Mas malalim kaysa diyan ang disappointment ko sa MMFF — mula sa pagpili n’yo ng mga sineng isasali hanggang sa pagkunsinti n’yo sa masahol na trato ng mga sinehan sa ibang pelikula, lalo na ‘yung maliliit na producers. Para sa isang die-hard movie fan na gaya ko, hindi ko na halos makilala ang film festival na dati kong hinangaan at nirespeto. Maraming salamat po sa libreng publicity at sa pagbukas ng pinto para pag-usapan na sa wakas ng fillmakers pati na moviegoers ang mga hinangad nilang pagbabago sa MMFF. Sa lahat naman ng mga Pilipinong hindi pa rin nagsasawang manood ng mga gawa namin dito, salamat po sa inyo. You deserve better. Kaya tulungan n’yo naman po kami. Demand for better films and for more choices in the cinemas”.

During and after the awards night, Matti also tool to his Twitter account to voice out his disgust with the 2015 Metro Manila Film Festival.

In one tweet Matti said he will not be appeased by a mere “plastic trophy” he wants the real issue to be resolved. He also quipped about his Best Director award because he doubted MMFF’s knowledge about best directing.

There was also one tweet where he insinuated about one producer of a film entry who is also part of the organizing committee.

Here are the tweets of Erik Matti about his sentiments on the MMFF controversy.


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