PNoy remains the most trusted government official according to Pulse Asia

President Aquino remained to be the most trusted among the top government officials according to Pulse Asia.

In the latest Pulse Asia survey conducted December 4 – 11, 2015, Aquino scored the highest trust ratings among the top 5 government officials in the country.

Aquino scored 53% trust ratings, +4% higher than his previous 49% last September 2015 survey. Among geographical locations, the President scored the highest increase in trust rating in NCR adding 6% from the previous 36% to 42%. Even though the President registered a deceased by 1% in Visayas, PNoy still managed to get the highest trust rating in that area at 64% followed by Mindanao with 61% and balanced Luzon 48%. In social classes, class E gave the president the highest trust rating at 64% an increase of 10% from the previous 54%. ABC class meanwhile gave PNoy 43% a decrease of 1% from the previous survey.

pulseasia-trust dec15

While PNoy also topped the approval ratings board at 55%, it was Vice President Binay who got the highest increase in approval ratings. Aquino who had an increase of 1% from the September survey was topped by Binay’s 9% increase from 43% in September to 52% this December.

Binay also got the highest increase in approval ratings from the class E adding 20% from the previous 46% in September 2015 to 66% this December. Binay also topped to highest increase in trust rating adding 10% to his previous 39% in September to 49% in December.

Although the Vice President got the highest increase in approval and trust ratings, Binay was still the most distrusted among the top 5 government officials. Binay got 27% distrust rating, the highest among top government officials of the country. But it’s quite notable also that VP Binay has the highest decrease in distrust rating at 3% tied with Senate President Franklin Drilon. Drilon is the least distrusted with 11% followed by President Aquino with 15% distrust rating.

pulseasia-approval dec15

Meanwhile, House Speaker Feliciano Belmonte had the highest decrease in both Approval and Trust ratings. Belmonte decreased 3% in his approval rating from 32% to 29% and -5% in trust rating from 29% to 24%. Supreme Court Chief Justice Ma. Lourdes Sereno on the other hand has unchanged approval rating at 29% and a slight decrease in trust rating from 26% in September to 25% in December.


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