LIVE STREAM: Supreme Court Oral Arguments on Poe Disqualification case

Listen Live as the Supreme Court of the Philippines hears the case of Senator Grace Poe-Llamanzares against COMELEC.

Sen. Poe-Llamanzares who was disqualified by the COMELEC on the grounds of her not being natural born citizen and lack of 10 years residency went to the Supreme Court to possibly reverse that decision.

From the very start Poe-Llamazares maintained that she is a natural born citizen citing UN conventions and the 1935 constitution. She also maintained that she reached the prescribed 10-year residency requirement having shown her intention to return and reside to the country since 2005.

Poe-Llamanzare’s case is very important for the coming Philippine election in 2016, because Poe is one of the front runners having been on top of the pre-election surveys. What ever happens in the SC will change the course of the 2016 Philippine election.


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