Mar Roxas changes rhetoric in new campaign ad

After a series of unflattering infomercials which didn’t sit well even with some of his supporters, Liberal Party standard bearer Mar Roxas changes tone in his latest political ads.

In the new ad released January 26, Roxas escaped from his previous ads showing drama and “teleserye” type of story telling. In the new ad, Roxas was seen talking straight to the people without drama and flowery words. Entitled “Walang Drama”, the admin bet tells who he is not and what he can do.

He said the 2016 Philippine election is not about him but about the future of the Filipino families. He also acknowledge that he didn’t came from a poor family and that he don’t have sob stories to capture the voter’s emotions. But what’s more important to him is the things that he can do to help the people and our country.

Mar Roxas po. Sabi nila hindi ako laki sa hirap. Wala akong madramang kuwento. Pero hindi naman tungkol sa akin ang eleksyon eh. Tungkol ito sa inyo at inyong pamilya. Hindi ko kayo bibigyan ng hugot. Ang tututukan ko, trabaho para sa inyo. Yun ang alam ko. Yun ang kaya ko,”

He also added, he will continue the current admin’s “Daang Matuwid” rhetoric but also quick to add, he will fix any loopholes and flaws of the “Daang Matuwid” promises.

Itutuloy ko ang Daang Matuwid. Kung may kulang pa, pupunuin ko. Kung may mali pa, itatama ko”.

But the most catching on this new ad would be his last statement. Roxas said “Higit sa lahat hindi ko kayo nanakawan”. The statement probably is a pot shot to his rival Vice President Jojomar Binay who is facing several allegations of corruption. Binay who retains number one position in the pre-election surveys is embattled with allegations of corruptions during his term as Makati Mayor.

Will this new ad turn the tide for Roxas?

WATCH: Here’s the new ad of Presidential aspirant and Liberal Party bet Mar Roxas.


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