TV5 apologizes for the delay of the 2nd PiliPinas Debates 2016

“It’s a miscommunication”.

After being delayed for 1 and a half hours,TV5 has apologized to all Filipinos for the broadcast delay of the 2nd Pilipinas Debates 2016.

*Photo from Rappler

*Photo from Rappler

Held at the  University of the Philippines Cebu, the Visayas leg of the Presidential elections for the 2016 Philippine election was staged by TV5 hosted by it’s news bureau chief Luchi Cruz-Valdez. What’s supposed to start at 5pm was pushed to 6:30 due technicalities with the COMELEC rules.

Before the debate started, Luchi Cruz-Valdez apologized to Vice President Binay on the wrong advise given regarding bringing notes on stage. Apparently Valdez advised the camp of Binay that it’s okay to bring notes on stage which was protested by other candidates because it was against the COMELEC rules that they’ve agreed on. Binay insisted on bringing his notes on stage which caused the delay in broadcast. But after heated echange of arguments, COMELEC Chairman Andy Bautista himself said the rule on “no note on stage” should be followed.

Here’s TV5 full statement regarding the delay

“On behalf of the management of TV5, the President, Mr. Noel Lorenzana and the head of News, Ms. Luchi Cruz-Valdes, would like to apologize for the inordinate delay in the 2nd Presidential debate that was brought about solely by the confusion on the rules implemented by the COMELEC on the Debate. In the end, the Management of TV5, the COMELEC and the presidential candidates, have agreed that despite the technical and procedural issues, it is more important to allow the debate to proceed and not deprive the public of their right to witness this historical, exciting and Aksyon-filled event.”


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