4 Things I Would Do If Roxas-Robredo wins

I have always maintained my stand to support the government in all it’s efforts to uplift our country.

Come May 9, 2016 we will be faced again with the hardest decision of electing new leaders that will continue the growth that we are currently gaining and bring us forward to the progress that we are longed wanted. Among the candidates vying for the top position, I believe it’s Mar Roxas and Leni Robredo who are rightfully fitted for the position. Basing on the pros and cons of all the candidates, it is them who will continuity our stability to make us more progressive and more developed country.


But Mar and Leni are just 2 person, they may have the power to lead and guide us but still US the Filipino people are the main components in achieving our dream of progress and development. And for that I’d like to share 4 things that I will do as a pledge to our country if ever Mar and Leni win in this coming May 2016 Philippine elections.

  1. I will support all the programs of our government that aimed at alleviating our countrymen from poverty. I will do this by writing blogs about those programs and disseminate information in social media so that people will know that the government is doing its job to help her country.
  2. I follow all the laws of the land from the simple anti-littering to all traffic rules and to the biggest ones. We are a country governed by law and following it not only respects our government but in long term will instill discipline that will eventually make our country more prosperous and orderly.
  3. I will actively participate in any feedback mechanism that Roxas and Robredo will introduce so that I can help in suggesting programs that the government needs to come up.
  4. To stay vigilant in checking their campaign promises. The success of our leaders lies from a vigilant citizenry. I will not hesitate to call them out if there are wrong acts but will not think twice to praise them for their good jobs.

Whoever wins, we need to support because our government can only do as much. They need support from the people to make the programs work for the greater good. But as I’ve said, I have decided and I believe Mar Roxas and Leni Robredo are the rightful person for the job.


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2 thoughts on “4 Things I Would Do If Roxas-Robredo wins

  1. Honestly, I can’t say I’m a supporter of any of the presidential and vice-presidential hopefuls yet. But one thing is for sure, I would do my part, too. Well, except for the 3rd since I have yet to determine my pick for this year’s election.

    A successful country DOES NOT JUST depend on a competent government alone. But rather, on a responsible citizen who puts the country’s sake first over any sort personal interest and greed.


    • right, agree citizenry is a big part of a nation’s success. that’s is why i’m a bit off to candidates who entice people to be dependent on them. those who will sow fear so that people will feel weak therefore will depend on their “super hero” character


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