What is Bukid Revolution?

Metro traffic, metro congestion, that is what we often here in the news. Those are some of the biggest problems that our government is facing. Many solutions have been tried but it seemed didn’t work as we’re still stuck in heavy traffic more often than not. That is why “Bukid Revolution” is being introduced by the tandem of Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates Mar Roxas and Leni Robredo.

But what is Bukid Revolution?

Bukid revolution is one of the platforms of government that Mar Roxas and Leni Robredo will implement should they be elected. Since the metro is already congested, the aim of the Roxas-Robredo government is to bring the progress and development to the rural areas; to the bukid.

It will be a program directed to help the farmers and fisher folks as 48% of the country’s workforce came from agriculture. The program includes giving affordable loans to the farmers, constructing more farm to market roads and post harvest and post catching facilities.

bukid revolution

Mar and Leni are really into bringing progress to the grassroots. It will not only trickle down the economic gains of the country but it will also give equal opportunity to the Filipinos in the agricultural sector which has been neglected for quite some time.


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