Why Mar Roxas?

Mar-RoxasHardworking legislator, efficient cabinet member, good public servant, that is Mar Roxas.

From being a Congressman to Senator to Cabinet Secretary who held the DTI, DOTC and DILG portfolios, Mar is really ripe and very much qualified to be the next president of the country. But these achievements can be also shared by other candidates like Sen. Miriam who has extensive and exemplary experience in government service. Binay minus the corruption issue can also boasts of his Makati model same with Mayor Duterte who is well known for his Davao model.

But what sets Mar apart from his rivals? To me Mar’s edge against other candidates is not his good achievements in Senate or in Congress or in Cabinet, to me what sets Mar apart from the other presidentiables is his failure.

Yes, Mar’s advantage is his failure. His big time failure which was witnessed by the whole world and was a constant subject of memes. And why did I say that? Because that failure can be his driving force to achieve better result.

Mar is the only one who has been maligned in social media and been criticized harshly for the failure which no one has ever faced. For a man who failed big time, there’s no other way but to redeem himself. No other way but to do everything to rise from the failure, to work hard to be better. With what Mar has dealt I don’t think he is inclined to repeat the failures of this admin. As intelligent as he is, he knows that what he has failed before he’ll make sure to avenge in the future. You see when a person was being harshly criticized for his failure, the instinct is to rise from that failure to be the best, to do better and to prove to everyone that they have learned from that mistake.

That is Mar’s biggest weapon, his failure. Because that failure made him a better person to do better things for the country.Failure that will always remind him to do only good things for this country to be better. Failure that is a reminder that this country needs a leader who rise from a mistake and not a leader who never made one.


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