Leni, Ang Ilaw ng Daang Patuloy Na Itutuwid

lenirobredoWe were raise to the saying that “Mothers Know Best”, and I’d like to believe because after giving birth to their child all they wanted is to give them the life that they deserve, the care and nurturing that they need.

Ngayon eleksyon isang Ina ang kumakatok sa pintuan ng ating mga puso para tayo’s alagaan at ipagtanggol.

From the 6 vice presidential candidates, only one is a mother, Rep. Leni Robredo. A simple widow, humble lawmaker and a mother to her 3 daughters.

Bago sya napasabak sa laban ng pagkabise presidente, dumaan si Leni sa isang napakahirap na desisyon. Saksi ako sa pagtutol ng kanyang mga anak dahil nakakausap ko si Aika sa Twitter. Having lost a father in government service and having a mother who divides her time in Congress and in their home is really a harsh reality for them. Kaya nga siguro nahirapan sila ng husto magcome-up sa desisyon. Pero tila tawag ito ng panahon dahil buong bansa ang nangangailangan ng ama at ina na lulutas sa mga suliranin nito at pagyayabungin kung anong meron na tayo.

With Mar as President, Leni is a very fit to take on the responsibility of the Vice President. Isang Ina na iilaw sa patuloy na pagtutuwid ng ating daan. Isang Ina na magbibigay suhestiyon sa mga hindi gamay ng ama. Inang magpapaliwanag sa mga issueng pedeng maoverlook ng presidente.

With Leni’s experience in the grassroots during her NGO days, her light will truly brighten the nation once given a chance and opportunity to become our next vice president.

Bagamat sila ang binasbasan ng administrasyon to carry on its programs and reforms, Leni is vocal that indeed there are still many problems that needs to be addressed. While she keeps on bannering the gains of the government she’s not blinded to see that there are still holes to the daang matuwid. And that is the change that is realistic. Bank on what we have and continue to fix the remaining problems. Change doesn’t only mean giving the driver seat to other people, change is more meaningful if it’s the same person with new and revived perspective. And I believe Leni Robredo has that, a team player from the current party with new perspective on how to fix the problem and continue reforming our nation.

She is the mother that we need, the mother who will light the path towards our bright future.


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