An Inspirational Leadership,Tsinelas Leadership

Tsinelas leadership is the type of leadership the vice presidential candidate Leni Robredo is espousing. It is the type of leadership first introduced by her late husband Sec. Jesse Robredo.

I first heard of the phrase during Jesse’s wake where Sec. Almendras decribed the late Robredo’s leadership style as the “Tsinelas Leadership” because Jesse would always go to his constituency wearing slippers.

leni tsinelas leadership

Tsinelas leadership is the willingness to wade in the flood, willing to go where you normally do not go, to the most remote areas, just to be with the most disadvantaged people”, he said.

And that brand of leadership is what Leni has been doing also many years ago which she continue even after she was elected Congresswoman of Camarines Sur. Leni would go to the far flung areas to ask her constituents for their needs. She will not mind climbing mountains and walking on muddy rice fields just to reach remote areas where government service is lacking. Who among our current politicians will do that, walking in slippers and commuting via provincial bus just to be with your constituency.

That kind of leadership is not only inspiring but aspirational. It leaves lasting influence to the people being touched by the leader’s kindness, humility and sincerity to serve.

As what Almendras also said Tsinelas Leadership breaks barriers, because it bridges government to the people. It transforms politicians into public servants. It makes it easy for people to relate to their leaders because they’re stepping on the same footwear.


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