CSB launches 6th CineSB Independent Film Festival

The 6th Edition of the CineSB independent Film Festival shall be held from 18 to 29 July 2016 at the DLS – CSB, School of Design and Arts Theater.


CineSB is a fast-rising collegiate independent film festival in the Philippines show- casing the best efforts of Benildean students. It has grown to highlight the finest indie works from the regions as well as other schools. It also aims to exhibit several film compe- titions and festival that encourages young filmmakers across the Philippines to explore their unique ideas and fresh perspectives through the creative world of filmmaking. Cinesb promotes the Filipino experience exercising the filmmakers’ wholeness and imaginative aesthetics.


Each year, CINESB features a variety of film events as follows:

THE CHAIR: The Chair is a competition of the finest BenildeFilm theses. TWENTY- QUATRO: An Inter-School 24 hour guerrilla filmmaking competition. INDIE ANI: A showcase of the outstanding short films coming from different schools in the NCR region. HARVEST MOON: A film exhibition for undergraduates’ short film projects. CINEREHIYON: Exemplary filmmakers from Luzon to Mindanao showcase their masterpieces.

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Aside from the competitions and showcasing of films, CINESB also has forums.

Forums that will tackle Independent Philippine Cinema Funding, Documentary Filmmaking, Cinematography & Production Management that will delve into different aspects of being a filmmaker whether it is indie or mainstream.


This year as we celebrate our 6th anniversary, we’re going beyond what is expected as cinesb6 (six) introduces what is thinking outside the boundaries.

For more information, please get in touch with our CineSB Advertisement and Promotions Head, Miss Hann Marcelino at hannmarcelino@gmail.com or call 09055809446.

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