Pulse Asia releases latest Duterte Trust and Approval Ratings

Survey firm Pulse Asia on Friday January 6, 2017 has released its December 2016 Presidential Trust and Approval ratings.

Based on the numbers, President Rodrigo Duterte still enjoys high trust and approval ratings at 83%.


The survey conducted from December 6 to 11 had 1,200 respondents, and a ± 3% margin of error with 95% confidence level.

Among geographical locations, Duterte scored the highest in Mindanao with 91% Approval and 92% Trust ratings respectively. For economic classes on the other hand, the President got the highest trust and approval ratings from Class E with both 85%.

pulse-asia-dec2016-b But while Duterte continues to enjoy high trust and approval ratings, his figures went down by 3% compared to the last survey conducted by Pulse Asia in September 2016.

In September 2016, Duterte got 86% Total Philippines approval ratings and trust ratings. Duterte had a highest number of decline on approval ratings in Balance Luzon from 84% in September to 78% in December or a decline of 6%. Same with his trust ratings where there was a decline of 5% also in Balance Luzon 82% to 77%. For economic classes, Duterte had a highest decline in Approval and Trust ratings from Class ABC 82% to 69% (Approval) and 85% to 72% (Trust).

While almost all numbers went down, Visayas gave the President +1 increase on Trust ratings getting 87% on December from 86% in September.

Undecided, Disapprove and Distrust meanwhile dominates increases. Class ABC gave the highest increase in Undecided on Trust and Approval with +17 (8% in September to 25% in December) and +14 (12% in September to 26% in December) respectively. But even though Class ABC dominates increase in Undecided, the same class gave the President decline in disapproval and distrust. From 6% disapproval in September ABC gave Duterte 2% disapproval in December. Same with Distrust, from 7% in September to 3% in December.

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