Netizen shares Nickelodeon’s clarification regarding Coron Palawan Theme Park

After setting social media on fire for supposed degradation and destruction of Coron Seas, American TV network Nickelodeon set the record straight about the controversial planned under the sea theme park in Coron Palawan.

In a conversation with netizen Dana Uson, Nickelodeon clarified that the planned theme park will not be under the sea theme park but rather a undersea-themed park.


The planned Coron Theme Park created controversy after netizens shared a news of Nickelodeon putting up an under water theme park in Coron Palawan. Environmental conservationist and advocates immediately took to social media to oppose the plan saying it will destroy Coron’s coral reefs and it will also mean degradation of one of the Philippines most beautiful tourist attractions.

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Environmental group led by Ms.Anna Oposa Save Our Seas even started an online petition urging the American TV Network to re-consider if not junk the planned construction of theme park in Coron Palawan as it will destroy the country’s famous marine ecosystem.

Department of Environment and Natural Resources Secreatary and known environmental advocate Gina Lopez also reacted saying she will not allow the construction of the Nickelodeon theme park in Coron if it will mean destruction of the environment.

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“I will never allow the corals to be harmed, that’s what we have, that’s our wealth. You cant kill the corals for a theme park, no way,” said Lopez

“We will not allow anything that will damage the environment. No amount of money is worth the well being of our farmers and fishermen,” she added.

But Nickelodeon is quick to clear up what according to them is inaccurate report, that they will not construct a theme park but rather an attraction and resort which will not be constructed under the sea of Coron. They also said that ocean conservation is important to them thus resort attraction will focus on the conservation of the seas.


Here’s Dana Uson’s Facebook post regarding Nickelodeon’s clarification on the controversial Coron Palawan Theme Park.

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