Philippines ranked 8th in World Happiest place list

After being declared as the Selfie Capital of the World, Philippines’ social media domination continues. In a recent study by Jetpac Travel Guide in tune with the celebration of International Happiness Day, some 150million Instagram posts were check and graded according to their “smile scores”. And the result of the study showed that Latin American countries has the most happiest people. Brazil got the top stop with the score of 60.8 followed by it’s neighboring countries in the South America.

While the top 5 was dominated by the Latins, Asia wasn’t left out of the top 10 as our very own Philippines ranked 8th with the score of 44.8, the only Asian and South East Asian country to enter the top 10. I would like to attribute the result with the culture since Philippines like most of the Latin American countries where all colonized by the Spaniards back then.

This is not the only time where Philippines was dubbed as one of the happiest as there were other surveys before where it also placed in the top 10. This only proves that it’s really more fun in the Philippines hence we can always smile at everything.

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Filipinos for fellow Filipinos

IMG_0316We Filipinos are known for our “Bayanihan” culture. The act of helping fellow kababayan in need without asking something in return. And this attitude is what makes us Pinoys unique.

In the wake of super typhoon Yolanda which devastates several provinces in the Visayas, Filipinos in different parts of the country and even abroad immediately mobilized and started different relief operations. True to the spirit of Bayanihan, many cause oriented groups, NGOs and even ordinary people have go out their way and exert all their efforts in helping the victims.

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Pinoy talents topped WCOPA 2013

wcopa2013winnersPinoy Pride is shining bright and soaring high again.

In the recently concluded World Championship Of The Performing Arts held in Hollywood, California USA, the Philippine flag was raised to the highest level again as we dominate its 2013 Grand Championship.

Dubbed as the Olympics of the Performing Arts, WCOPA is an annual event showcasing different talents from all over the world. And for this year Filipino’s again proved that we are the nation to beat when it comes to talent competitions.

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Philippine Economy best in South East Asia for the Q1 of 2013

With much optimism and good economic conditions, Philippines again proved that indeed it is rising and moving forward as its economy emerged to be one of the best performing in Asia.

After being given 3 investment rate upgrades from 3 known credit rating agencies Fitch Ratings, Standard and Poors and Japan Credit Ratings Agency, Philippines again surpassed economic expectations as it grew 7.8% in Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for the 1st quarter of 2013 beating ASEAN neighbor economies and slightly edging China’s 7.7% GDP growth.


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Lahar 4×4 Racing More Fun In The Philippines

mtpinatubo1It was an exciting weekend, after 9 months I was back to trekking/mountain climbing again. That weekend trip was a long-time plan, we had the tour purchased last year but since our schedules didn’t jive, it took several months before we came up with the tour date. And on Saturday (March 2, 2013) the date we long waited for happened, a trip to Mt. Pinatubo.

Mt. Pinatubo is known for its eruption in 1991 which was named as the 2nd largest terrestrial eruption of the 20th century. It originally stands 1,745 meters before the eruption and currently measured at 1,486 meters. It is located in Central Luzon bordering the 3 provinces of Zambales, Tarlac and Pampanga.

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DOT unveiled its newest It’s More Fun in the Philippines TV Ad

The Department of Tourism yesterday unveiled its latest TV ad in connection with its banner tourism campaign It’s More Fun in the Philippines.

The TV commercial dubbed as the “Lovers” projects The Philippines as a new major wedding and lover’s haven. Shot at one of the best beaches in the country and the world, Boracay. The latest TV ad shows a romantic couple wherein the man proposes marriage to her girlfriend using colorful boats.

In an interview, DOT Secretary Mon Jimenez said, Philippines has becoming a favorite place for weddings and honeymoons. With our world class beach resorts and hotels, many foreign tourist are enticed to visit the country to personally experience that romantic feeling. That is why this commercial was created, to encourage more more tourist to come over and experience why “Romance is more fun in the Philippines”.

The TV ad is set to be shown in line with the coming Valentine’s season also according to Jimenez.

Our Philippines is moving forward

THE PHILIPPINES MOVES FORWARD (HD) from Francisco “Kit” Reyes on Vimeo.

With the back to back record highs of the Philippine Stock Market, the great economic growth evidenced by good rise in the country’s GDP, the upgrades on credit ratings by several credit rating agencies and increase in tourist arrivals, these are just some facts pointing towards Philippines’ vibrant economy in this coming years. There is no doubt that the Philippines is in the positive zone of growth for this year 2013 and beyond. The “Sick man of Asia” is now cured and is ready to conquer again the Asian or even the World economy as it is then.

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Arabela, a delighful escape from the Metro

Liliw, Laguna is well-known for its beautiful and affordable tsinelas. Their tsinelas industry gave them the name in the footwear industry of the Philippines. And with that strong tsinelas market, Liliw Tsinelas Festival became a yearly celebration in the town during the month of April.

But Liliw is not only about tsinelas, shoes or sandals, they also have a small but terrible treasure worthy to be discovered especially by the foodies.

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