The puzzle has been solved
The chain of the unknown has been unlocked
Vindication has finally came
And the sun shines so bright

After being tagged as someone bad
Because of one’s desire to be on top
The wheel of fate has finally turned
And stories of the past finally revealed

Never regret the chosen path
To continue with the road even if its rough
Thorns may have wounded my foot
But in the end healed by the garden of rose

Things may not transcend to what I wanted before
But God has given me what I needed more
There may be qualms on other people’s part
But choices has been made and we should live on that


The shallowness of an empty tank
Cloaked by darkness and smokey fog
Enveloped by loud silence around the chamber
Gazing at nowhere painlessly bleeding

But history has already gone by
The dark days are now draped by bright lights
Music is now filling the four corners of the room
No more wounds but only scars as its proof

The sun is high in the middle of the day
The stars shine bright in the evening sky
Blank stare from the past is now replaced
Converted to a dream of a lustrous future ahead

From ashes the phoenix is born
From defeat a winner is hone
Glorious rebirth from the previous state
Full of promise to the bed of roses

Pag-ibig sa Dayuhang Lupa

Nasanay na maglakbay sa mundo na mag-isa
Walang inaasahan kundi sariling mga paa
Sariling sikap at sariling kayod
Upang pamumuhay ay maitaguyod

Huwarang anak sa kanyang mga magulang
Maasahang kaagapay sa mga kapatid na ang iba’y wala pang muwang
Taga suporta sa kanilang pangangailangan
Takbuhan sa oras ng kagipitan

Sa kakulangan ng kinikita sa sariling bayan
Hindi na napigilan ang pakikipagsapalaran
Sa ibayong dagat siya’y namasukan
Kung saan ang sweldo’y sagana’t mas mainam

Hindi inaasahan na sa kanyang paglalakbay
Doon matatagpuan, magiging kabahagi ng buhay
Pusong matagal nang nag-iisa
Biglang tumibok at nagkaron ng bagong sigla

Sa una’y pinipilit na ito’y pigilan
Iniisip ang maari nitong kahinatnan
Handa na ba siyang muling umibig
O mananatili munang mag-isa hanggang pamilya’y di na gipit

Ilang beses iniwasan ang sigaw ng puso
Nagbingibingihan sa tinitibok nito
Sinubsob ang sarili sa tambak na trabaho
Upang makalimutan ang tawag ni kupido

Subalit bawat hakbang nila’y tila iisa
Animo’y isang kalye lamang at kanilang kilala
Sinadya mang lakbayin ay ibang kalsada
Ngunit sa dulo nito’y sila rin pala ang magkikita

Pareho ang istorya ng kanilang pangingibang bayan
Naglakbay sa dayuhang lupain upang pamilya’y matulungan
Iahon ang kanilang pamumuhay sa kahirapan
Kahit sariling kaligayan ay isakripisyo ng panandalian

Ngunit mahiwaga talaga ang pana ni kupido
Kahit gaano kalayo ang lalakbayin nito
Tawirin man ang dagat sa kabilang parte ng mundo
Masapul lang ang dalawang pusong nakatakdang magtagpo

Ilang buwan ng digahan at pagkakaibigan
Narating din nila ang mabulaklak na tagpuan
Doon ay sabay nilang nilakbay ang bukas
Bilang isang pusong may iisang hangarin para sa pamilya

Pag-uwi sa sariling bayan ay sinalubong ng galak
Mga pamilya nila’y tuwang-tuwa sa kanilang pusong nagkatapat
Pagbibigkis ng dalawa kanilang ipinagdiwang
Walang pagsidlan ng tuwa ang kanilang kasiyahan

Dalawang puso na naglakbay sa magkaibang daan
Nagtagpo sa ibang bayan at doon nagkaibigan
Umuwing mag-kaisa at magkadaupang palad
Pag-ibig ng dalawang bayaning busilak at wagas

Ang akdang ito ay aking lahok sa Saranggola Blog Awards 4 sa Kategoryang Tula.

Ronald Gadayan …Gem of Honesty

This is the 4th poem from Mr. Villalobos. It’s about the airport janitor, Ronald Gadayan who surrendered large amount of money he found in airport. This proved that honesty and integrity cannot be compromised by large sum of money, even though that their family is in need of it.

Ronald Gadayan
…Gem of Honesty
By Apolinario B. Villalobos

For someone in need of money,
To earn by dint of hard work
Should be the chosen way,
But those who find it not easy
To be diligent in all they do,
Find it hard to firmly say “no”.

In the world we have today,
Seldom can there be found
Those with heart that still beat
With love, good morals and ethics,
But not a certain Ronald Gadayan -
Many times proven – an honest man !

Labored to earn since age seventeen,
All that Ronald wanted, then
Was help his mother honestly earn,
For he saw her sacrifice for all their sake,
From morn till night – a sight
That until now, he can’t forget.

Waking up, to God, he fervently prays
To give him strength and he, be safe
Also his wife, his kids, the three of them
Be well, healthy and from danger spared,
Simple prayer from Ronald’s heart -
With all sincerity, and humbly said.

I am a Filipino, proud …yet suffers, too

This is the 3rd installment to the 4 poems of Mr. Apolinario Villalobos. A very heartfelt piece which tackles our being Filipino. It’s really indeed a pride to be part of this race, but more should still be done for us to develop and prosper.

I am a Filipino, proud
…yet suffers, too
By Apolinario B Villalobos

“Let us not lose hope…”
This I have to say first
For if I won’t, but instead
Put that line at the end
I will be stirring your anger
That I will just regret later.

When foreign people
Set foot on our sacred shore
Our ancestors welcomed them -
Not just with smile
But warm embrace
Showed them kindness
Showed them love -
The way of Filipinos
As the whole world knows.

The Chinese brought pots and silk
Gave names to our islands and islets,
The Japanese brought their skill
And goods of steel,
Spain sent forth Christianity
Tainted with gracious civility,
The Americans brought more-
More than what we could muster
And all of these-
Supposed to enrich our culture
But instead, defiled our identity
Stained much of it with sheer gravity!

I hear Filipinos speak English with a twang
But should not be, when they speak our language –
Filipino, the rich language of every Juan.

I see Filipinos enjoy foreign food, every bit of it
But should not be, when they push aside
Our own sinigang and pinakbet.

I hear Filipinos sing foreign songs so soulfully
It’s just nice, but not when they despise
Our own that should be sung with dignity.

Deep inside, I suffer as I see and hear them
I know that just like me, others out there
Are gritting their teeth but can’t do anything;
Proud as a Filipino, yes I am
But so many things are left undone –
Things that our heroes in the past have begun
They who put color
To the vivid pages of our history;
Things that should have been done
By our heroes of today
But who died just when a new light
Started to shine on our democracy.

Leaders, policy makers, lawmakers…
Are they…really?
They who warble promises
And steal the people’s money?
Paid with lofty sum from the coffer
Where money for those who suffer
Should have come
Should have been done
But only the few – these warblers
Enjoyed no end, they who are supposed
To be brimming with wisdom!

After the father, comes the wife
Then the daughter, and the son
Not contented, the cousins and in-laws
All in the family, to power they strut
With a taunt in their face that says:
“What are we in power for,
And you with money has none
Eat your heart out, here we come!”

Rain that used to bless the earth
Filipinos now desist
Especially those who live
Along the river banks of the cities
For with it comes the flood
A curse that only the Bible says
Shall wipe out sinners
From the face of the earth;
But why…the floods?
Simple: the money for saving projects
The conscienceless -
Unscrupulously pocketed!

Innocent lengths of asphalted roads
That for long defied the trash of nature
Helplessly wrecked by greedy contractors
So that low-grade fresh overlay can be spread
Later giving up to rain’s patters
And treading of cars, trucks, and all…

Even the precious school books are not spared
By purported educators blinded with greed
Seeing to it that new ones, yearly will be printed
Exam questions, at the end of every chapter
Are cleverly printed!
So then, closing school years would also see
These books so dear, become useless -
Thrown to the garbage, not to be used
By aspiring younger brood of the family.

I am pained by the sight
Of plates at restaurants
and food stations of the malls -
Half –finished food left with pride
By those who seem to say
“I am rich, I can squander money”
And who never thought
That out there in the dumps
Some brethren try to salvage morsels -
Precious food that could be stuffed
Into their guts so they can live
Better than nothing, or they’re dead.

I said in the beginning of this:
Let us not lose hope…
But wish for the best
If we strive together
And do what is right
Then new life for us
Will be in sight!

Jess Robredo …to die a hero

This is the other poem, submitted by Mr. Apolinario Villalobos as a comment to one of my blog post. He really is an amazing poet who can easily come-up with such a nice poem. Won’t like to take it long, here’s one of his masterpieces.

Jess Robredo
…to die a hero
By Apolinario B. Villalobos

At a young age -
Showed the world
He’s that strong;
Used to the fullest
What God gave him
As the stairs of knowledge
He took one rung at a time-
Carefully, not to miss the steps…

Strong leader as a student -
Many tried to emulate his ways
Some did try but failed
To be Jess is not that easy
His friends proudly said
Simple ways he had
But hard to be copied
A really rare breed, that lad…

His intellectual thirst was such
That even three educational degrees
Seemed not enough to accomplish;
Took a wife, equally strong
And like him is intelligent;
The two built a home
With a foundation of love
And pillars of determination…

Alas! Not long afterwards
The couple thanked the Lord
For the three beautiful girls He gave;
Their joy was such that they did their best
To mold the three into the same ways
Into which they grew –
Respect for others, and love, too
Respect for time, and money, too…

At the helm of Naga City, at twenty –nine
Jess showed that when called to serve others
Age is just a number, and skill matters;
Unfazed by responsibilities, he did his best
By just being him -
As he checked busted city street lights every night
As he scraped mud from streets after the floods
As he helped garbage collectors fill their trucks
A he patted the back of those who sought his counsel
As he handed coins to the destitute he met
As he smiled his way through days of problems
As he wore the same office uniform just like others
As he took the bus to Manila and tricycle to functions
And many more Jess ways…
Hence, the Magsaysay Award at so young an age!

Though unfortunate to see high brows
This was when chosen by P-Noy to head DILG
Many, as usual tried to block his way
But just as when he was in Naga,
He was unfazed, and just worked his best;
No meetings and official ceremonies
Stopped Jess from skipping at least one meal –
One meal with his family, his precious family
Not even that distant meeting in Cebu one day
That was the fateful 18th of August 2012
When he took a Cessna flight for home
But as nearing Masbate, was distressed…

For three days, people cried and hoped
That he was just carried by waves to nearby islets
Or that a fisherman took him home to recuperate;
Alarmed but praying to the Lord
People patiently waited ….
Until, finally on the 21st of August 2012
Jess has been brought to shore…

A hero?…more than a hero I say!
Politicians who gave him a hard time
In getting the more than deserved confirmation
Are now cringing in guilt… suddenly silent
Alibis are said, but no amount of such
Could make a cover up for their misdeed;
They refused to see what Jess had been doing
For us, his countrymen who for long
The dirty air of politics we were breathing;
Politicians whose schedules are filled with investigations
That did not give much result, but limelight grabbing
They who played “intelligent”, “hero of the people”
Are so eerily silent……………………………
Yes… so silent………….!

To be a hero is to die with a purpose
It is only at death
That others accept what he did for others
It is a sacrifice for the man and his loved ones
But what can he do?
It is God’s will and plan –
The only way to make others acknowledge him
The only way to open their eyes to see him
And open their mind to finally make them think
That, indeed, he is unselfish, hardworking, etc…

To die a hero should not be seen as late in coming
God has a way as to when this should happen
His acts are done at the right time
And we, His creatures, His instruments
Can just wait, most often caught unprepared
But Jess was not –
For even as a child, his ways
Led to his being that –
A hero, and he died for it….
Though for others, hard to accept.

Dignity in Poverty (the way of Saturnino Fabros)

This is a poem from a reader named Apolinario Villalobos, who posted it as a comment on my Robert Carabuena apology post. I don’t know if it was impromptu, but nonetheless, I was still amazed with his poetic skills in coming up with this poem, thus earning his piece to be feature here.

Actually there are 2 poems coming from him, the other one also posted as a comment. I will be featuring also his other poem in the next posts. For the meantime, here’s his 1st piece.

Dignity in Poverty
(the way of Saturnino Fabros)
by: Apolinario B. Villalobos

Poise…. pride….
All these, we have in us
But can we hold on to them
When our family miss not only one
But all meals in a day sometimes?

Can we hold on to them
As sometimes we just stay home
Instead of reporting to work
When even loose change for fare
We have none?

Can we hold on to them
As we see our family
Sit it out at night
Not a wink of sleep
Due to the roof that leaks?

Can we hold on to them
As we see our children
Clad in tattered clothes
Barefooted as they play around
Or trod the muddy road?

Can we hold on to them
When we are berated by others
Who felt or thought to be slighted
As we do our job -
With all sincerity and honesty?

Temptation is always there –
Ready to delightedly push us
Towards the verge of misdeed
Making us just remorseful later
Blaming ourselves without end.

Poverty has been part of life
Not everybody can be rich
Contentment then of what we have
Should be the norm, nobody to blame
Just feel dignified …most of all –strive!


Nagsimula kay LUNES
Sumunod si MARTES
Ngayon ay HUWEBES
Ang bilis ng araw
Tila nakikipaghabulan
Animo’y kahapon lamang
Nang naganap ang putukan
Ngayo’y nangangalahati na ulit
Ang bagong buwan
Malapit na tuloy sumapit
Ang aking kaarawan
Anong bago kaya
Ang hatid nitong taon
Ayoko munang isipin
Dahil nakakaburyong
Hahayaan na lamang
Na sumabay sa alon
Kung saan mapadpad
Saka na lamang tutugon
Sasabay sa awit
At sasayaw sa tugtog
Subalit kakayod pa rin
Para pangrap ay maabot
At sa katuparan nito’y
Isang pagdiriwang
Kasama ang pamilya
At mga kaibigan
Lahat ng kabahagi
Ay pasasalamatan
Gagawa ng listahan
Upang walang makalimutan
Humahaba na yata
Ang Huwebes na ito
Kelangan ko nang tapusin
Ang tulang ito
At bumalik sa aking
Naghihintay na trabaho
Dahil bukas ay BIYERNES
At kasunod ay SABADO
Ibig sabihin lamang
Natapos na naman
Ang isang LINGGO