PNoy announces abolition of Pork Barrel

PnoyOnPDAFAbolitionPNoy: Panahon na po upang i-abolish ang PDAF.

It was a very much welcome twist of events week after the President issued a statement saying pork barrel or PDAF (Priority Development Assistant Fund) should stay. Today, in a live televised speech at Malacanang, President Aquino III announces his stand on abolishing the pork barrel system. Joined by the leaders of both houses of legislature, Senate President Franklin Drilon and House Speaker Feliciano Belmonte, the President declared that it is time to abolish the pork barrel.

In his speech, the President cited the good purpose of creating PDAF in the 90′s to help fund communities and LGUs which cannot afford. But its good purpose was suddenly abused by some greedy politicians who regarded PDAF as their own money. And now that the abuses has been told via the COA Audit report, the President have decided to once and for all abolish the pork barrel system and create new mechanism of funding development projects for the country side which will be more stricter and more susceptible to abuses.

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SONA 2013 and the pride of being Filipino nowadays

SONA2013photoHalf way through his administration, President Benigno S. Aquino III delivered yesterday (July 22, 2013) his 4th State of the Nation Address. In front of many Congressional Representatives and Senators of the Republic at their joint session in Batasan Complex, President PNoy reports the gains of his government and policies that needed to be addressed in the next half of his presidency.

I have witnessed all his 3 previous SONAs and one thing that makes me happy about his speeches is the consistency in delivering it in our native language. From the 1st SONA up to this latest one, he delivered it all in plain Filipino. For me language is one important factor in every SONA of the President because that is his bridge to the people. It should be clear and easily comprehensible for the people to easily get what the government is doing for their welfare and what are its plans to uplift their standard of living.

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No to American, Yes to Spanish? I say continue with Pilipinas

PilipinasJust recently the Komisyon Ng Wikang Filipino (KNWF) released a resolution aimed at dropping the country’s name “Pilipinas” and adapting its former Spanish name “Filipinas”.

In the resolution the Komisyon cited the reason to have a unified country name and for better sense of history and modernization thus dropping Pilipinas in exchange of using its former name Filipinas. The Komisyon headed by National Artist for Literature Virgilio Almario also suggested to also use Filipinas as the country’s official international name dropping Philippines because of its American influence connotation.

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Why Dan Brown chose the Philippines?

DanBrownInfernoKnown for his controversial works like Da Vinci Code, American bestselling author Dan Brown is in for another controversy and this time via his latest book “Inferno”.

In the book, Brown through its fictional character Dr. Sienna Brooks describe Manila as “the gate of hell” because of poverty, crime, chaotic traffic, sex trade and pollution.

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What is your name?

PoliticalNames“Ahhh you’re the daughter of the Mayor”

First day of class in one public high-school;

Teacher: Ok, good morning class, I’m Mrs. Santiago and I will be your adviser for this school year. And to start, introduce yourselves first.

Student1: Good morning Mrs. Santiago, good morning classmates, I’m Teresa Aragon from Richville Dynasta Subdivision.

Teacher: Ohhh, you’re the daughter of the Mayor, you must be good like your father.

Student2:  Good morning ma’am and classmates, I’m Carlo dela Cruz Jr, from Brgy Dos.

Teacher: Carlo dela Cruz Jr? Anak ka ni Caloy, ang makulit na batang naging estudyante ko, Tsk tsk wag ka sana mag-mana sa tatay mo.


When we were kids, the most frequent question asked to us was “What is your name?” Every time we see strangers who got fond of us we can immediately expect they will ask for our names.

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On burning chairs, vandalism and tuition hikes

This past few days, the country has been talking about the the news of the a University of the Philippines Manila student killing herself for failing to pay her tuition fee. Twitter and Facebook posts shows outrage over UP Manila’s no late payment policy which caused the life of the freshman student Kristel Tejada.

Because of that incident, several protests erupted again pointing on tuition fee hikes and unfair bracketing of STFAP. With several online and physical protests, UP Manila administrators were forced to suspend the implementation of the no-late payment policy. But protest didn’t stop at that as some student activists go on vandalizing walls of UP Manila.


Photo taken from Facebook. Credits to the owner/s

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LTO now travelling on “Daang Matuwid”

ltoEarly this week, I went to the LTO to apply for my very first non-professional driver’s license. I already had my student permit for more than 2 months so I decided to get the non-pro already so that I can now drive without having to be accompanied by a non-pro or professional driver license holder.

LTO or the Land Transportation Office is a government agency under the Department of Transportation and Communication. They are tasked with registration of motor vehicles, issuance of drivers license, franchising of PUVs and enforcing of traffic rules and regulations.

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MMDA’s Bus Segration Scheme

edsatrafficThe solution to the traffic in Metro Manila does not only defend on MMDA or the Goverment, and Bus drivers and Operations but also with the passengers. I have to admit, I am also guilty sometimes of not following some traffic rules and regulations like jay walking and alighting on non-designated unloading areas. But I am really pissed off more to some passengers who don’t just break traffic regulations but are forcing bus drivers to break the rule for their convenience.

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