The Singing Nun at The Voice of Italy

This is one incredible video which is currently viral in social media. This is an unusual instance in a reality singing contest wherein the contestant is a nun. Who would have expect that a nun would try it out and join a singing contest on TV? And she delivered, she got 4 chair turn from The Voice Italy’s judge mentors.

Singing Alicia Key’s No One, she did not only captured the hearts of the judges but also the audience. The video is currently viewed 4,498,498 times and shared in social media a thousand times also.

Local and International celebrity’s first tweets

firsttweet“Lookback for Facebook, #FirstTweet for Twitter”

In celebration of their 8th Anniversary, micro-blogging site Twitter have launched a tool where you can track yours and other people’s first tweet. Named as Twitter Discover, it let’s you have a sneak peak of what twitter people first tweeted just by inputting their twitter names.

And for the curious out there like me, here are some of the Pinoys and International celebrities first tweets.

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sulitolxph“Sulit no more! It’s now OLX”

If you happen to go online today and wanted to visit to find something to buy but you are redirected to another website, don’t worry, your PC or laptop is not acting up. Starting today, Philippines biggest online classified ads is now

Sulit has announced that in the last quarter of 2013, they became part of international online classified ads network OLX. *OLX is an internet company based in New York City and Buenos Aires, Argentina. Their website hosts free user-generated classified advertisements for urban communities around the world and provides discussion forums sorted by various topics.

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How the Lego computer keyboard was created?

Who wouldn’t love Lego? Every man or even woman dreamed and wanted to have this small pieces of toy during their childhood. But what if there’s a Lego component in your workplace, isn’t more wonderful and exciting? And yes it’s possible with the creation of the Lego keyboard.

Lego keyboard was a long-time project of Jason Alleman, a self confessed Lego afficionado. He started the project in 2005 but for some reason he shelved it until he revived it last year. According to Alleman two of his biggest challenge in completing the project was “creating a frame that allowed the keys to be precisely spaced above the membrane” and “finding appropriate printed tiles for all the symbols on a keyboard” but fortunately he was able to hurdle those. And now he already completed his Lego keyboard and is working quite good.

Below is the video of how the Lego was created.

As a Lego enthusiast also, I would really love to have this kind of computer keyboard also. Hope it will be available in the market soon.

ABS-CBN drew flak from Netizens for “hoax” report

prayforabscbnAfter the Department of Health confirmed that the alleged mysterious skin disease in an ABS-CBN report were just cases of Leprosy and Psoriasis, netizentiments again went high on social media.

With the report going viral on Twitter and Facebook causin some panic and fear, netizens vent out their disappointments and disgusts on ABS-CBN news after verifying that the report is a “hoax”.

On twitter, netizens tweeted #PrayForABSCBN and #PrayForBetterJournalism as their way on calling for professionalism in gathering news reports. Many got angry because of the fear and panic it caused, which should not be the case if there is there has been thorough research on the subject. Others even called for ABS-CBN news to issue an apology while others just made humour out of it.

Here are some of the netizentiments from hastags #PrayForABSCBN and #PrayForBetterJournalism.

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Lazada PH welcomes summer with its Ultimate Gadget Craze campaign


As the largest online shopping mall in the country, Lazada PH  is always poised in giving its loyal customers the best deals they can have. And as an early summer treat to all tech enthusiasts and gamers they have launched the ultimate gadget craze campaign.

One of the main campaigns is the “Great Samsung Sale” which is dubbed as Samsung’s biggest sale of the year. Buyers can get a discount of up to Php3,500 and get to have cool freebies along with it.  The Great Samsung Sale will run from February 14 –  March 23, 2014. Additionally, gamers can also enjoy playing the latest Sony PlayStation 4 console for only P23,500! The bundle package is priced at P26,200! Playing with your favorite games will not be complete without a new LED TV and with that Lazada is offering My View LED TV that can go as low as P4,999.

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Facebook celebrates 10th anniversary with Lookback

fblookbackToday, Facebook is celebrating its 10th year. With billions of users, Facebook or FB as it is commonly called is currently the most widely-used and most popular social networking site in the world. What’s great about FB is that it became a primary channel to connect to everyone in the world, especially our love ones.

As I browsed through Facebook today, one of my friends, message me with the link www.facebook/lookback. Curious of what it was, I immediately clicked on the link and what a nice surprise I got. Facebook team has compiled special moments in my years with Facebook.

  fblookback2      fblookback4

From the first moments since I started joining the social networking site, to the special moments that I shared which garnered the most likes, up to the latest photos and status being shared, was highlighted through Facebook Lookback. And looking on those photos and statuses, I can’t help but get sentimental and happy because I was able to see my Facebook journey which is a mirror of my journey in real life.

It’s really amazing how Facebook has touched our lives in this past years and continue to  be part of our daily lives up to now. This Facebook Lookback is a great way of celebrating their 10th year and a nice gift to its billion users.


So if you want to see and reminisce how far you’ve come in your Facebook journey, go  on and log-in to your account and check your Facebook Lookback.

Netizens share disgust over Arnold Clavio’s interview

Seasoned News Anchor Arnold Clavio is again on hot water after his interview with alleged pork barrel queen’s lawyer Atty. Alfredo Villamor became viral on social media.

The video shows Clavio interviewing Janeth Napoles’ lawyer on Unang Hirit’s newscast segment via phone patch. The interview started well with Clavio asking some questions regarding the lawyer’s participation in Napoles’ cases. But towards the end, it gone sour as the news anchor suddenly became irate, throwing distasteful commentaries on his interviewee. And it ended with Clavio saying they shouldn’t have called him because he doesn’t get any information at all.

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