North Korea declared full war against the US

In an unexpected event, when most people of the Christian world is observing the Holy Week, North Korea have declared war against the US and it’s ally South Korea. In a statement NoKor said this is the time to “stage a do-or-die final battle’.

Below is the full declaration of war statement of North Korea.

The moves of the U.S. imperialists to violate the sovereignty of the DPRK and encroach upon its supreme interests have entered an extremely grave phase. Under this situation, the dear respected Marshal Kim Jong Un, brilliant commander of Mt. Paektu, convened an urgent operation meeting on the performance of duty of the Strategic Rocket Force of the Korean People’s Army for firepower strike and finally examined and ratified a plan for firepower strike.

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South Korea moves up to #3 in London Olympics Medal Tally

After 6 days of competition in the London Olympics 2012, South Korea now edges France in the medal ranking. The #3 spot which was previously owned by France is now being occupied by South Korea.

South Korea now has the total of 7 golds, 2 silvers and 4 bronzes while France got 6 golds, 3 silvers and 6 bronzes. The host country Great Britain follows at the #5 spot with 4 golds, 6 silvers and 4 bronzes.

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