Lens Talk with Quincyjohn Yap Tampo

After featuring sir Wowie Pacsual on the first edition of Lens Talk series, here’s another photographer who amazed me with his captures. I also got to know him through the Pinoy Photography FB Page who eventually became an addition to my friends list. Lens Talk series on its 2nd edition presents Mr. Quincyjohn Yap Tampo and his works.

Quincyjohn or Quinkoy as he is fondly called by his friends was a graduate of Bachelor in Elementary Education. After graduating he worked as a technical assistant to a sociologist for the Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction project and then to an economist for the Mindanao Basic Urban Sector Development Project in partnership with DILG in the many parts of Mindanao. He also became a research supervisor for a sociologist from Lichel Technologies, Inc in Pasig City. But since he was pretty much attached to his family and he missed their home, he left Metro Manila and decided to teach in a local college in their area. But then since all these past employments have some association with photographing people and events, he realized he was missing something out. And so he decided to go full-time in photography.

Quinkoy started taking photos in college when he became the Editor-in-Chief of their school publications. He was still using then a film-camera and when he realized they need to go digital he requested a compact digital camera from the administration and fortunately was approved. And that’s the start of his delight at taking photographs of people and events.

His primary influence in photography was his grandfather Mr. Eddie Yap, who was his constant adviser on what photos to take and how to take them. But now since he’s into wedding photography, several photographer/artist here and abroad are influencing him like Jasmin Star, Dane Sanders, Jeremy Cowart, Jose Villa, and Jesh de Rox. Locally he admires the works of Dino Lara because of his accurate capturing of emotions, Oly Ruiz for his skewed angles, striking poses and post-processing, Nelwin Uy for his film photographs and timeless color, and Paul Vincent for his awesome strobist lighting techniques.

Clisk here to know more about Quinkoy and his great captures.


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