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10 Most Significant Quotes from Ninoy Aquino

As we commemorate the 32nd death anniversary and martyrdom of former Senator Benigno Ninoy Aquino Jr., I find it fitting to relieve and rekindle the lessons of our history through his words. Known for his great rhetoric, Ninoy became one of the toughest tongues against the Marcos regime. He was the voice of the opposition at the…

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LISTEN: Live Audio Stream Torre de Manila Oral Arguments 4

LISTEN live as the Supreme Court hears the oral argument on the Torre De Manila case. This is the fourth round of the oral arguments wherein the officials and employees of the City of Manila are being questioned regarding the case in court. ————————————– Nite Writer is on Facebook at and you can also follow me…


Police arrest “Fashion-Pulis” blogger Mic Sy Lim

Famous blogger Michael Sy Lim of Fashion Pulis was arrested Tuesday by the police for the cyber libel case filed by controversial model Deniece Cornejo. According to the reports from CIDG, Lim was arrested at around 11:30AM by the Philippine National Police (PNP)’s Women and Children Protection Unit. Cornejo’s complaint arise from Lim’s article on Fashion Pulis…

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LIVE: Audio Streaming of Torre De Manila Oral Arguments

LISTEN Live as Supreme Court hears the oral arguments of Knights of Rizal vs DMCI on the Torre de Manila Case. This is the third round of arguments wherein DMCI counsel is currently presenting their case before the Supreme Court. ———————————————— Nite Writer is on Facebook at and you can also follow me on Twitter @rojan88