Viral video of the week : The prank caller

Annoying or pitying?

This is the latest video that is gaining shares in social media specifically Facebook. On the video is a man doing prank calls to different fastfood restaurants and other establishments. The man is identified as Allan Soriano, 19 years old and a student of St Paul College Paranaque (based on his Facebook account).

The video caught netizen’s attention and ire because of his distasteful behavior in making prank calls to several stores like Jollibee, LBC, Ace Hardware, a pizza outlet and others. As of this moment, this video which was shared in Facebook by Master Wendell has 7,973 likes, 47,960 shares and 23, 714 comments which are all against the guy.

Based on the video I cannot help but get mad and annoyed also with what this man is doing. I don’t think there’s a person in his full sanity who can do such things in several instances. If it’s only a joke for him why doing it many times? Well I do not know what’s on his mind why he has done that, but I will just give him the benefit of the doubt that he just wanted some attention especially that controversial videos get’s viral easily in social media nowadays, sadly he went viral in a negative way.


As of writing Allan Soriano has already uploaded his apology video for his prank calls and  said sorry to all the establishments that was affected by his actions.


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