Bida Pilipinas 1st Edition (Shamcey Supsup and Pinoy Support)

In honoring the best of the Philippines, it’s locations, people, food and anything Pinoy, this will be the space to showcase what Filipinos can offer to the world. And on its 1st edition  Bida Pilipinas features the recent feat of the Philippines in the recent Miss Universe pageant.

Miss Universe, Shamcey and Pinoys


Photo taken from Flickr by Bruce C.

After weeks of preparations and excitement from the spectators, the new Miss Universe was crowned earlier this morning (Sep 13,2011 Manila time). On it’s 60th edition held in Sau Paolo Brazil. The judges gave their nod to Leila Lopes to become Angola’s first Miss Universe in history, while making Philippines bet Shamcey Supsup the 3rd Runner-up.

During the coronation night, Shamcey was really favored to win, getting 2nd spot on the fan votes for the swimsuit and evening gown competitions. During the Q&A portion when Shamcey was asked by American actress Viveca Fox if she will change religious belief to marry the person she loves, she answered “If I had to change my religious beliefs, I would not marry the person that I love because the first person that I love is God who created me and I have my faith and my principles and this is what makes me who I am. And if that person loves me, he should love my God too.” On that moment many people (specially pinoys) expected her to get the crown because on that segment she also topped the fan votes, vesting other final 5 finalist.

Then came the announcement of winners, China was annouced 4th Runner-up, then Philippines was next called as the 3rd Runner-up, followed by Brazil and Ukraine as 2nd and 1st Runner-ups respectively and Angola getting the title.

With that announcement many got disappointed as Shamcey had the nicest answers among them. And even without getting the title she should be placed on a higher spot. Talks on the Twitter and Facebook are also centered in disappointments over the results, some even joked on what judge Lea Salonga should have asked Leila so that she didn’t get the crown. But after all, it’s a contest one is really bound to win over the others. And as what Shamcey herself also said, she has already accepted and she was happy with the result so let’s all accept it also.

What’s nice about this whole story is the fact that we really see how Filipinos can be united behind a fellow Filipino competing with other countries. That for a couple of hours we set aside differences and get united in rallying behind a countrymen representing the name of our country and wearing our country’s colors. May it be in sports when Pacquiao is fighting inside the ring, The Azkals battling it out on the fields, Efren “Bata” Reyes striking on the billiards table and The Phillipine Dragot Boat Team paddling on the foreign seas, our clock suddenly stops just to watch and cheer for our “Kababayans”, and that’s what’s good about us Filipinos.

I just hope that this unity that we show during competitions and pageants will not just be for a couple of hours or even for a day, why shouldn’t we do it everyday? And if that happens I believe we can achieve the progress and development that we longed wanted.

So to every Filipino who brings pride to our country THANK YOU, you makes us prouder Pinoys. And for this current event, thank you Shamcey you brought delight to our country.
“When the name of the country is at stake, Filipino support is always the loudest”


9 thoughts on “Bida Pilipinas 1st Edition (Shamcey Supsup and Pinoy Support)

  1. Congratulations Shamcey! It’s ok that she did not win the crown and people (from all over the world) are contesting the decision on her favor than otherwise! 😀

    Heard Katy Perry and Oprah expressed their favor on Shamcey via twitter!


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