OPM of the week, Tatlong Beinte Singko by Dingdong Avanzado

In this day and age when everything seems to be all instant, it’s cool to go down memory lane and reminisce the past. Past when there were still no Viber, no BBM, no Facebook, no Twitter, no WeChat, no Line and no other messaging apps available today but only landline telephones to contact your love ones.

That is why for this week’s OPM Friday, I will be featuring one of the classic Dingdong Avanzado songs that became one of his biggest hits, “Tatlong Beinte Singko”. The song was released in 1988 under Dyna Records along with 7 other tracks including “Ikaw Lamang”, “Maghihintay Sa’Yo”.

The song tells the story of a guy wanting to talk to his girl using three 25centavos, because that is the rate of a phone call that time.

It’s really refreshing to hear OPM Classics like this. It somehow gives us the chance to visit the past and be entwined with the kind of music then. Pinoy music is really at its best now and as always. Please continue supporting OPM and its artists.

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