Slater Young is the PBB Unlimited Big Winner

After more than 5 months of competition inside the house, Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited edition finally named its big winner this season. 25 year-old civil engineer from Cebu Jan Slater Young was announced as the housemate who got the highest votes from the viewers, thus getting for him the title of The Big Winner.

In an extravagant Big Night at The Grandstand held at the Quirino Grandstand in Manila this Saturday evening, the PBB Unlimited Big four was finally presented to the people after long months of stay inside The Big Brother’s house. And after some performances from the guest stars the announcement came.

4th Place went to the former evictee turned house player, turned official housemate again and finally big four housemate Paco Evangelista who got 17.01 % of votes. Joseph Biggel “The Probinsyano Boy” of Marinduque meawhile ranked in 3rd place with 21.29 % votes. Meanwhile the simply beautiful and funny lass from Batangas Pamu Pamorada garnered 21.49 % votes making her the 2nd placer. And Slater Young with 40.02 % of votes was named as the big winner, making him the first ever male housemate to won the title in a regular edition following Nene Tamayo, Beatriz Saw and Melai Cantiveros.

Slater won for himself 2 million pesos and other prizes while the 2nd placer Pamu gets 1 million pesos. The 3rd and 4th placer both got 500 and 300 thousdand pesos each respectively.

Aside from the announcement of the Big Winner, another revelation was unveiled last night when PBB Teen Edition housemates was presented. It then served as the Kick-off for this years PBB Teen Edition.


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